Black Philanthropy Focuses On Education and Health

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While contributing philanthropic work, African Americans have always given strong emphasis to education. In the early 19th century, young people from the black community acquired education from African American schools and colleges.

The United Negro College Fund is the oldest higher education organization for African Americans. It is an educational group that consists of thirty-nine private colleges and universities, specifically for black students. It assists its deserving students financially.

Besides educational associations, African American social organizations also contribute well in the betterment of their community. These organizations help black youths provide education. 100 Black Men of America is a good example in this regard. It collaborates with various corporate sponsors to provide corporate exposure to the black students.

Additionally, social organizations grant scholarships to African American students. This helps them achieve their educational goals. These organizations make a positive impact on the future of young generations among the black community. The more education they acquire, the more it will benefit them when they enter the corporate world. Social organizations contribute in bridging the inequality gaps this way.  

100 Black Men of America has introduced the African American History Academic Challenge for African American students. The objective of this educational program is to spread awareness of African Americans survived well in the history.

Furthermore, it helps blacks have a different mindset towards their own community.  It has been successful in bringing self-worth and pride among the African Americans. 

Black philanthropy also contributes to the health sector. Although there are 13% African Americans in the US, most of them suffer from various heart diseases. The main reason behind a great number of ill blacks is that they do not have adequate access to healthcare facilities.

However, there are a variety of African American organizations that look into this matter with wide concerns. For instance, the National Black Nurses Association is a health organization working to help blacks. In order to help the healthcare professionals and nurses, the National Office offers nurses educational programs that help them achieve their healthcare goals.

The Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) is one more non-profit organization that helps African Americans in their health matters. It comprises of 700 members. It works on the mission of lowering the number of black heart patients by providing them with proper healthcare facilities. In order to do this, they provide affordable services to the African American patients.

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Black Philanthropy Focuses On Education and Health

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This article was published on 2012/03/22
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